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Giuliana Haro Paz

Architect DLR DE A&FE

Disneyland Resort

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Education: M.Arch., Woodbury University; B.A., architecture, University of Southern California. 


Life changed dramatically for Giuliana C. Haro Paz at the age of six when her parents whisked her away from her birthplace in Lima, Peru to emigrate to the United States in search of a brighter future. Arriving here speaking only Spanish, Ms. Haro, at the insistence of her parents, enrolled in an English-only kindergarten rather than a bi-lingual class so she would challenge herself and succeed completely on local terms. 


Within three short months she was speaking English fluently with her many new friends. She has utilized this pattern of initiative, hard work, and perseverance time and time again as she continued her education and achieved her goal of becoming a California licensed architect. 


Always adept at math, Ms. Haro learned to value her creative side and initially wanted to become an interior designer.  Her mother, however, saw young Giuliana’s potential.  She was a pediatrician in Peru who had to return to school to reinstate her license in the U.S., and insisted that her daughter was intelligent enough to set her sights on a career in architecture.


Ms. Haro was accepted into a five-year program at the University of Southern California where she got her first-hands on experience in the field. In her fourth year at the school, she was admitted to the Asia Study Abroad Program, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she partnered with a student from the University of Malaysia to design a school for a small village in Cambodia. 


Selected by her professor as the best design, the project helped earn her the Global Scholar and Discovery Scholar distinction upon graduation. She graduated USC Magna Cum Laude with multiple design commendations in design, history, technology and professional practice. 


After graduation, Ms. Haro joined COE Architecture International as a designer and worked on designs for the Argyle Hotel, a 16-story boutique hotel in Hollywood.  Later she decided to contribute her efforts to several pro-bono architectural projects to expand her experience. Ultimately, she landed a position at Disneyland in the Architecture & Facilities Department (A&FE). While working full-time, she also returned to school to obtain her Master’s of Architecture degree.


Ms. Haro was a critical member of the team that designed the Consolidated Emergency Operations Center at Disneyland Resort.  She served as the design lead for this massive project, which consolidated the operations for critical security and emergency services for the entire, multi-park resort.  This new, state-of-the-art facility supports 24/7 operations, even if power and other utilities go down.  Her team’s innovative use of technologies that reduce energy consumption and water usage earned the Center a LEED Silver rating, and it was delivered on schedule and under budget.


As a licensed California Architect, Ms. Haro has been able to get diverse architectural experience at Disney, starting projects from the planning phase, carrying them through the design and bidding phases, and managing them through construction and final closeout. She has worked on everything from hotel renovations, to show sets in the attractions, to high-end restaurants, merchandise locations, theatrical projects and critical cast member service buildings, interacting with multiple stakeholders and coordinating various lines of businesses on assorted projects throughout the Disneyland Resort. Her projects vary in size and range anywhere from small scale $100,000 hard costs improvements projects to up to 40-million-dollar plus projects.

-By Vinnie Longobardo