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Jose Martin, Ph.D.

Chief Engineer

Flexible Family Targets

Program Office, Targets and Counter-measures Program

Missile Defense Agency

Dr. Jose Martin’s current role as the Chief Engineer for the Flexible Family Targets Program of the Missile Defense Agency is the culmination of a 30-Plus year career.  He’s responsible for the development, delivery and testing of Medium Range Ballistic Missile Targets, and he manages the engineering efforts of over 30 contract engineers and Government personnel.

Dr. Martin started his government career as an intern in the Maintainability Engineering Program at the School of Engineering and Logistics in Texarkana. As a Reliability Engineer, he supported numerous Army missile programs before transitioning into the role of hardware engineer in the Brilliant Anti-Armor Technology Project Office.

Positions of increasing responsibility on very important missile programs soon followed, like the Army Tactical Missile System Block II Program, the Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Program, and the Test and Evaluation Directorate, on which he served as Acting Deputy Director and Chief Engineer.  Later in his career, Dr. Martin was selected as the Chief Engineer for the Missile Defense Agency’s Kinetic Energy Interceptor Program. He also served in the Agency’s Architecture and Concepts office where he defined proposed future Far-term Architectures and technologies to support future epochs.

Dr. Martin is a recipient of the Department of the Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award, the Honorable Order of St. Barbara, and he’s received numerous awards and recognitions for his performance and service to the U.S. Government.

-By Vinnie Longobardo