• 2019 GMiS Luminary •

Miguel A.
Saez, Ph.D.

General Motors Corporation

Dr. Miguel A. Saez is currently a researcher for General Motors Research and Development, Manufacturing Systems Research Lab in Warren, Michigan where he develops novel industrial robotics and automation solutions to advance the technology used for manufacturing electric vehicles. 

In accordance with the GM vision of zero crashes, zero emission, and zero congestions, Dr. Saez is in charge of the design, build, and testing of reconfigurable assembly systems based on robot-to-robot collaboration. The development requires the integration of artificial vision and force sensing for multi-arm robotic path planning and hybrid control. The implementation of a thorough experiment plan for quality assurance and process validation on robotic assembly operations is key for successful implementation. 

As a prolific researcher, Dr. Saez has been responsible for numerous articles in research publications as well as multiple presentations at conferences and symposiums. He can also lay claim to six pending patents. 

Dr. Saez is a member of the General Motors Latino Network, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society. Among several other community activities, he has led monthly food distribution activities in a Section 8 housing complex in Ann Arbor, Michigan and volunteers at a men’s homeless shelter in Flint, Michigan, and has also used his knowledge in engineering to promote STEM education among the Hispanic and African-American community in Detroit as part of outreach events.

His professional and leadership career started in Venezuela where Dr. Saez earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a product and manufacturing engineer where he helped develop manufacturing and assembly systems for alternative fuel vehicle programs in two plants.

After nearly a decade in the automotive industry in Venezuela, Dr. Saez decided to pursue graduate studies at the University of Michigan. While there, he developed new methods for modeling and control of manufacturing systems for multi-objective optimization of plant floor operations, resulting in operational improvements that resulted in savings of over one million dollars per year.  He joined General Motors Research and Development in June 2018 as a researcher.