Lopez Oswaldo.jpg

Osvaldo (Ozzie) J. Lopez

Distinguished Member of Technical: TIL V FET Business Unit,

Power Package Technology Development

Texas Instruments

The semi-conductor industry has formed the very basis of modern electronics-driven society, and Osvaldo (Ozzie) Lopez has been deeply involved in the technical innovation and research driving the industry for over 30 years. From silicon RF bipolar devices and LDMOS power devices, RF power amplifiers and silicon MOSFET discrete/MCM power devices for DC-DC power conversion and advanced discrete/MCM semiconductor power packaging technologies, Mr. Lopez has contributed to the advancement of products and technologies used in nearly every electronic device conceivable. 


With 27 patents already awarded and several pending, his leadership at Texas Instruments’ Power Packaging unit has helped make modern day electronics more energy efficient, more cost effective for the consumer and more environmentally friendly. Mr. Lopez’s career has spanned multiple companies ranging from his first job at Microwave Semiconductor Corp to Tachonics, ITT Avionics, Anadigics, and Lucent/Agere Systems. He is notably the rare engineer with an entrepreneurial bent, co-founding Ciclon Semiconductor Devices, a start-up company so successful that Texas Instruments paid over $100 million to incorporate it into its operations.


Born in Cuba, Mr. Lopez’s parents brought him to the U.S. at the age of six without any money, with no idea about what they would do for work, where they would live, and how they would do so without understanding English. Settling in New Jersey, he was inspired by his parents at this early stage of his life to learn the value of hard work and education. Despite a lack of family financial resources, he cobbled together enough money from three simultaneous jobs, student loans, and grants to attend Stevens Institute of Technology where he eventually earned both a B.S. and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering.


In addition to being an exceptional innovator, Mr. Lopez has presented at numerous professional and industry conferences during the past decade and has mentored many individuals in the electronics industry. He is an avid practitioner of martial arts and enjoys fishing, motorcycles, and home improvement in his spare time.

-By Vinnie Longobardo