•Most Promising Engineer Advanced Degree – Master’s•

Michelle Garcia Sagredo Ang web.jpg

Michelle M.

Sagredo Ang

Product Development Engineer

Texas Instruments, Inc.

M.S., Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University;
B.S., Electronic and Computer Engineering, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey, México)

Michelle M. Garcia Sagredo Ang’s intelligence has been obvious since her early childhood.  As a three-year old growing up in Chihuahua, Mexico, she asked her mother to read a short story to her, and came back five minutes later asking her to read it again, and then again until she memorized it so should could recite the story to herself.  Her mother then asked her older sister to help her learn how to read and write. Within weeks she was already reading books far above her age level on her own.

That precocious intellect remains a defining quality for Ms. Garcia Sagredo Ang in her job as a Product Development Engineer working on the development of state of the art Micro-Opto-Electromechanical Systems (MOEMS) devices.  Also known as Digital Micromirror Devices (DMDs), these projects form critical components of the lucrative Digital Light Processing (DLP®) division of Texas Instruments.  

In her six years at the company, Ms. Garcia Sagredo Ang is personally responsible for improvements to everything from the supply chain to customer experience and all points in between, including heavy involvement in manufacturing, testing, qualifications, and reliability improvements. In addition to her new product development efforts, she has completed nine major changes improving the DMD product line and solving numerous customer quality issues.  Her influence have led to increased satisfaction of both the DLP® licensor and customers.

As the record holder of shortest development time of a DMD, her expertise and innovation in new product developments have led to the successful launch of five products into the market. 

It was Ms. Garcia Sagredo Ang’s Geological Engineer father who provided the inspiration for her career in engineering. After he tragically died in a car accident when she was only 10-years-old, she decided she would honor his memory and become an engineer herself. Laying the path towards that goal, she enrolled in technical schools where she excelled, winning multiple national math, academic & public speaking contests throughout middle and high school.  

Encouraged by her high school principal and calculus teacher, Ms. Garcia Sagredo Ang enrolled at one of the top universities in Mexico, the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), better known as Tec de Monterrey. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2010 with a minor in Robotics, as well as a certification in Lean and Six Sigma Manufacturing.

Deciding to pursue an advanced degree, she was welcomed into Texas Tech University’s master’s program for Semiconductor Product Engineering (PSPE).  The program is sponsored by Texas Instruments, and after completing her degree in 2012, Ms. Garcia Sagredo Ang moved to Dallas, TX and joined iconic technology giant, where she remains to this day. 

A strong supporter of STEM initiatives, she has been a major annual contributor to TI’s Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, where does technology demonstrations to stimulate interest in engineering and science. She coordinated TI’s participation in the Perot Museum’s Engineering Week, where she helped organize product demonstrations for over 1600 elementary school kids.  She’s also worked on multiple United Way Make an Impact projects in support of the local community, and she’s an active mentor and a recruiter for Texas Instruments.